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Version: 1.1

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Version 1.1

introduction pony.town-Pony Town

pony.town Create original characters and chat with all kinds of fantastic creatures, roleplayed by players from around the world.

✮ Design your character ✮

Create ponies with unicorn horns, pegasus wings, and various mane and tail styles. Or turn it into your own unique species by adding parts such as claws, fish tails, dragon wings, or fangs. Make your creation feel just right with various clothing and accessories to top it all off. Thanks to the ever-expanding list of available character customizations, the only limit is your own imagination!

✮ Make friends ✮

Chill in the town bakery, chat about your day or watch what other players are up to. There is always something new to see in Pony Town.
With thousands of people from around the world playing at the same time, you are sure to meet some like-minded people to chat with and make new friends!

✮ Build your own map ✮

A riverside house next to a mysterious forest, a cozy cottage in a small town for you and your friends, or something completely different? It's up to you!
Aside from the main map, each player can create a custom world on their own private island. Decorate the interior of the house as well as its surroundings however you want, with plants, furniture, floor tiles, different walls and more!

✮ Roleplay ✮

Who would you like to be today? Roleplay characters from various fandoms, play a baker in the bakery, or organize large roleplay sessions with your friends on your private customized island. Players you invite to your party will be able to visit the map you've built. This allows your roleplay adventures to be set in various locations, always keeping them new and interesting.

✮ The social MMORPG that lets you express yourself ✮

If you're looking for a friendly roleplay in a magical world you help create, Pony Town is the right place for you!

Pony Town is being actively developed, with updates happening frequently. There is plenty of exciting content to come in the future!——Uploaded by the user

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pony.town Pony Town

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  • Category:Role Playing _ Publisher:上海易言网络科技有限公司
  • Requirements:Android 5.0+ _ Publish Date:05/09/2022
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